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Welcome to my blog, about my life and a lot of other things...

Articles by an Aspiring Animator
Welcome to my blog about crazy stuff, and charmanders. I love charmanders so much! That much is evident.
It's also got crazy DSi photos (The Glaring Teapot, ETC...) that I've drawn on, and edited in many other ways,so go look at them if you dare...
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The dog got the mail.

Well, the postman came today, and put letters through the postbox, and my dog Scruffz came to eat the letters... I hope he didn't bite the guy's hand. Grehh! Dog. That's him, up there. He got diz shezneddles!!

But, I just sort of put some huge stickers on my bedroom wall...

Ohh, I'm just realising the top one looks sort of upside down!! Noooooooooo!!

G'byee!! :D

The Curtain Thieves

They're a band


Helloooooooo!! How are you blog people? I have taken some really crazy DSi photos, buut - you will have to wait until my next entry to see them. It's not that bad though! But lemme get to the point.

I walked to the shop with my cousins, a shop called Joe's, and we were just leaving when this van pulled up, and it had some writing on the side of it - The Curtain Thieves, and we were all saying stuff like, "Ooh, I wonder what that means??"

Anyway, like three men got out - they were like 20 or what - and they came in and got Wispas and stuff, and we were like, "What, do youz repair curtains or what?", and they were like, "No, It's actually a band." But they left a while after, and we left a while after.

So,as far as I know, none of us have ever heard their music or seen any of them again, really after that, although I did like them on Facebook, where it says,  "A  canny combination of traditional rock influence and pop hooks has gained the band a strong following during the early stage of their career."

Umm, so if you want to check them outt, you can look at this... 

But now in an unrelated matter, I am going up the town with my friends on Friday, and I'm gonna look for a round knitting needle, to make a hat to give to someone for Christmas!! More on that later, but bye4now, I guess. :)

Ugh! Tights! Uuhhh! No!

You remember my lasr entry, right?? Where I said I'd put up pictures? ...

It was my birthday a while ago... What day? AMNOTTELLEHNYUUUU!!! :)


My sister has this awesome fridge in her house at university...

This is my stash of wool in a baskety thing that I got up the town with my friend, and her two awesomely crazy friends...

And this last one is from when my other friend drew on my hand. She drew the green bit, it is a witch for halloween.

Sooo, I'm possibly going up the town tomorrow, to get curvy knitting needles for making hat.


Hey, do you think my blog loads quickly enough, or are there further things that need to be done??


Gtg, G'bye! :))))))

My friend drew on my hand today

And she has an awesome pen. It's like a rainbow. She let me borrow it, and I wrote with it, then I took a photo of what I wrote, and I took a photo of my hand. I'll show you them, this weekend... 


G'bye4now!! 0\_/0

Two entries in one day??

Huh. A new personal record for mee!!

Next entry will have a few pictures in it, I promise to you, world.

Well I just went bowling with my two friends!! It was sort of fun, but they went and wrecked my room beforehand, againn!!! What am I going to do to keep them out of my clothes??


I could get a lock for my door?? Hmm, that could work...


I should really be doing homework about Leonardo Da Vinci...


 Well anyway, my dog is licking my knee, he just started so suddenly and it scared meee......... XD

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This is me... trying to rob a bank at night... it didn't work. :)

Hmm... yhum, Autumn. School, nooooooooooo!!


G'bye!! :D

*1:Ooh, what's a footnote??

Helloooo there!!

Have you ever maybe thought that I have too many... add-ons in my blog? That the falling pikachu and hearts and the special cursor thingy is maybe too much? Because I think that it maybe could take too long to load, and maybe I should take some of the stuff off... I don't know, what do you think though?

Hmm...I did go to the cinema last weekend, with my friends, and then we went to the park the next day, but then they came into my room and pretty much emptied the clothes out of my drawers into a heap on my bed, commenting on them all and stuff, and then just left me to tidy it!! What kind of a person does that???

No it's alright, one of them helped me tidy it up a bit, so it didn't take very long.


Noo, the pikachus have frozen. My blog takes too long to load, I'm changing it soon for sure.

Umm, I was at school all week, but that's not interesting, that's just school. One of my friends seem really angry at me, but I don't understand whyy! It's maybe just... hormones??? I mean, she has been getting pretty angry at everyone lately, I dono, I just guess she'll maybe be alright next week??

Have you heard about 02 Tracks, this app that I really like? Oooooooh, you should soooooo totally check it out, and experience it's freeness and musicfullness and blue colouredness, but you maybe might not even actually like the music, it's just the Top 40 lastest chartfullness, not any specific genre, or anything...

Well I am maybe going bowling with two of my friends?? One of them has mentioned it to me, the other might not even know that I'll actually be there, they are quite angry with me. I'll tell you more stuff maybe next weekend, and sort out the add-ons during halloween, I guess. :)




Oh wait, but I've recently tried to rollerblade, not very good at it though. Do you know much about rollerblading?




Today my friends came over, but they left my room in an absolute HEAPP!!

Eh, it's alright, I just got it tidied there now.

I am realising... I have not told you people a lot about mee... I'm just not entirely sure what is safe or what is not.


So, I am a girl...


I am thirteen, and I live SOMEWHERE in Ireland, you will never know where.

I like sewing and knitting and writing and drawing and... rollerblading... but I am not all that great at it.




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