Articles of an Aspiring Animator

Welcome to my blog, about my life and a lot of other things...

Articles by an Aspiring Animator
Welcome to my blog about crazy stuff, and charmanders. I love charmanders so much! That much is evident.
It's also got crazy DSi photos (The Glaring Teapot, ETC...) that I've drawn on, and edited in many other ways,so go look at them if you dare...
You should scroll straight to the bottom of my blog if all the hearts are annoying you, and check out the unicorns too!!
Have fun on my blog!

Weird, Strange Ideas

Hello, from a phone! (And Wii.)

Heyy all you Hatenabloggers! From a phone! Not mine. Jeez, TYPING HERE Is SOOOO HARDD!!! Butyehh. I have not actuAlly got a lot to say... Umm... So - oh dear God, what is this microphone beside the spacebqr? One second... Hello you only pr…

Hello. I came back.

I was gone for eleven days. To a Gaeltacht. But that is not the point! I am about to give you more craziness, in a different form. This website... has songs that you may have heard before, but... they are in Irish, so they sound…

You must be careful with sarcasm.

And I realise, that you need to be careful with sarcasm, because people can pretend not to understand it on purpose.................... "Wow, there's cookies in the cupboard! Can I have one?" "Oh, you just go ahead and eat them all on me!"…

Weird thought. Urgh.

Right, I just have a lot of weird thoughts to write about, it seems. If you thought you didn't know anything, then you thought about it and realised, you know that you don't know anything... But then, you would know something... So it's to…

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