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Welcome to my blog, about my life and a lot of other things...

Articles by an Aspiring Animator
Welcome to my blog about crazy stuff, and charmanders. I love charmanders so much! That much is evident.
It's also got crazy DSi photos (The Glaring Teapot, ETC...) that I've drawn on, and edited in many other ways,so go look at them if you dare...
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Scary Webcams

Do you ever get the feeling... that your laptop webcam is watching you?

OHMYGOD! I was listening to the radio, and it said that certain programs and websites and software can watch you... through YOUR WEBCAM! THAT'S SCARY! WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS ON PHONES TOO?? Although, what would they really see? Just your face, I guess. And it's an easy enough problem to solve, just cover the camera with stickers, or paper, or your thumb!

Anyway, look at the craziness below...

Well. that's not so crazy as other pictures. It's my dog, and he's wearing 3D glasses. But he's there for you to look at: Scruffz, The 3Dog. Ummm........ 3Dog? Well. The picture has a title now.



                                      G'byyeee! :)

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