Articles of an Aspiring Animator

Welcome to my blog, about my life and a lot of other things...

Articles by an Aspiring Animator
Welcome to my blog about crazy stuff, and charmanders. I love charmanders so much! That much is evident.
It's also got crazy DSi photos (The Glaring Teapot, ETC...) that I've drawn on, and edited in many other ways,so go look at them if you dare...
You should scroll straight to the bottom of my blog if all the hearts are annoying you, and check out the unicorns too!!
Have fun on my blog!

I updated my theme!

Hello there! I finally was able to choose a theme that let me have a sidebar at the actuall side of the blog, while allowing the collage thing that I made to be displayed.

What do you think? Too much green? Possibly. I may need to change the background colour... I just love Flipnote Hatena too much.

Ooh... how long's this paintbrush been here? One second...


Oh dear God. What a complete and utter FAIL. That thing there is supposed to be a dog... but drawing with a computer is hard. I need to use a tablet or a drawing pad sort of thing next time...

Or my DSi!

Whel. Feel free to tell me if you think that there's maybe a bit too much green!  I think that there probably is, but I'm happy that I got my sidebar at the side!



Turn off my Heart Mouse?
Some pretty unicorns up there for you lovely people.