Articles of an Aspiring Animator

Welcome to my blog, about my life and a lot of other things...

Articles by an Aspiring Animator
Welcome to my blog about crazy stuff, and charmanders. I love charmanders so much! That much is evident.
It's also got crazy DSi photos (The Glaring Teapot, ETC...) that I've drawn on, and edited in many other ways,so go look at them if you dare...
You should scroll straight to the bottom of my blog if all the hearts are annoying you, and check out the unicorns too!!
Have fun on my blog!

Yarn Bombing and other awesomeness

Ooooo! What is this aweosmeness that you see before youu??

It's YARN BOMBING!! A sort of knitting graffiti! I went to a Summer scheme thingy and made some pretty yarn-bombing with my friends! So behold!

 But I bet that you are wondering about the rainbows? Whell, you see... I don't really know if these people knew that they were being photographed, so I sort of drew on them.

Buutt... speaking of awesomness, I bet you are noticing the pikachu and such, falling and bouncing around the screen?? Yeh. You can thank kirby53 for that JEPICFUL EPICNESS. Buut it stays when you scroll!! Thank you, kirby53!!

Excuse me, while I half die of happiness caused by awesomeness here...


Gehhh... yep, I'm done.

Wait, why am I here again?? Oh yeah... I am here to look at all of you lovely peoples' awesome, and often amusing blogs.

So g'bye!! :D

EDITT: Hahahahahahahahha!! I just went onto my Facebook, and I saw a photo, and it showed a picture of a man, saying, "THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS!! :)"

Then, there was another picture underneath him, showing him from a different angle, and TOO MANY electric fans in front of him!! 



G'Bye peoples! :)

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